You’ve heard horror stories about how time­-consuming and uncomfortable the mortgage refinancing process can be. You’d like to refinance your Southern California home to save money, but you just don't have time for the headache.

What if the process could be simpler and painless—enabling you to find the best rate and lowest cost for your situation? At First Source Financial, we take the reins on your home refinance and guide you step-by-step through the process. Our deep experience and knowledge in the mortgage industry enables us to steer you clear of hurdles, resulting in the savings you had hoped for without the headaches.


Reasons to Refinance:

  • Lower your monthly payment. You can save thousands over the course of your loan when you refinance and get a lower monthly payment.
  • Drop your mortgage insurance. If you have 20%+ equity in your home, you can refinance to a conventional loan and drop your mortgage insurance for good.
  • Keep your payment from rising. One of the downsides to an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is that your payment will go up when mortgage rates rise. You can stabilize your monthly payment by refinancing to a fixed rate loan.
  • Lower your rate. A lower rate often results in lower mortgage payments. You can use the extra money each month to pay off debt, for savings or investments, or to spend however you like.
  • Get cash from your mortgage. Whether you are looking to improve your home or to consolidate debt, getting a cash out refinance may be the right choice for you.
  • Pay off your mortgage sooner. You may end up with a comparable, or slightly higher, monthly payment, but with a shorter term, you’ll pay off your loan sooner. You’ll save a ton of money over time by paying less toward interest, and you’ll build equity faster, increasing your net worth.

Questions about refinancing your Southern California home?

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