Brett is fantastic! He is immensely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and works hard to ensure you get the loan that’s right for you at the best rate possible. I cannot imagine going through anyone else for a mortgage loan and highly recommend his services
— Alex Golden, Aliso Viejo, CA
I would highly recommend Brett Bowen of First Source Financial. My wife and I have refinanced our home on three separate occasions with Brett and were very happy with the process! Brett is a great guy to work with! I believe our first refi was completed in about two weeks!
— David Tillman, Newport Beach, CA
I have refinanced with Brett three times on two properties over the past five years (2011 - ­2016) and each time I could not have been more pleased with the process and the outcome. The principal reason is that Brett is a person and a professional of high integrity. Never once has he failed to do exactly what he said he would do nor has he ever failed to explain my options, as well as costs and benefits, in clear, concise language.
In addition, every one of my refinances has been handled efficiently. Brett makes optimum use of the Internet for virtually every aspect of the refinance. This makes things so easy and convenient. That said, if Brett does need to talk with me, or I have questions for him, he is completely accessible by phone. No waiting around wondering about this or that. The only face time required for my refinances was with the appraiser who visited our properties (all efficiently arranged through Brett) and the notary public to sign the final papers (also arranged through Brett). BTW, all the signing we did, except the final papers with the notary, were done online. Totally easy. Believe me, this is not your father’s or grandfather’s refinance process.
Finally, working with Brett is a ‘no pressure’ type of deal. Never once did I feel rushed or ‘pushed’ into one option of the other—or for that matter proceeding at all. I had time to think, deliberate with my wife, consult with Brett, and then decide.
So, if you are considering a new mortgage or refinancing your current mortgage and want to work with an honest, competent, efficient, Internet savvy professional, then First Source Financial—Brett Bowen—is the ticket.
— Bob Polkinghorn, Winters, CA
It was a pleasure to work with Brett Bowen at First Source Financial. Brett was very courteous and professional while providing clear explanations of the terms and conditions for the refinancing of two of my personal properties. Brett’s service, knowledge and organization were superior to any experiences I have had at major banks. Brett’s communication was excellent: He answers his phone—a real time service that is hard to find these days. There were no surprises at closing; he personally made an adjustment to match his original refinance estimate. First Source Financial had the combination of best rates and service for my financial needs and I highly recommend them for your financial business.
— Dean Corley, Aliso Viejo, CA
Brett Bowen has arranged several home refinances on my behalf, including one involving the subordination of a secured line of credit. Brett is bright, knowledgeable, responsive and completely honest. When better financing exists through institutions that do not work with outside loan brokers, Brett will let you know.
Brett handles the loan processing, interfacing with the lender, and the borrower’s experience through the process is seamless. I give Brett my highest recommendation.
— Howard Harrison, La Quinta, CA
Brett is awesome with his follow up and communication. His service is beyond what you expect. He goes out of his way to fulfill your loan at that best possible rate. Brett makes sure that you understand all of the paperwork and provides help when reviewing and will go over anything that you have questions about. His response time is very quick. If he does not have the answer, he will find out. It was the best service I have ever had when refinancing. He is pleasant and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. I would definitely use him again.
— Mary Ann Juback, Chino Hills, CA
Recently my wife and I refinanced our home to remove the FHA insurance. We resourced a lot of potential lenders to help us with the process but were not sure which way to go. We had a friend who had worked with Brett in the purchase of their home and also a refinance, they spoke very highly of him. I am the type of person who asked a million questions and through the whole process I can say I met my quota. I wanted to understand as much as possible because it is important to me and feel the refinance and mortgage which would include our home for the next 30 years is huge.
Right from the start Brett is very easy going to talk to and was a good listener to understand what was important to us. He broke things down in easy to understand carts and went over things line by line to ensure things we understood. Every time I need to contact Brett he was available or returned my call reasonably fast. I felt comfortable putting my trust in Brett and the loan process. I know if I ever have a question or a concern he would be there to support me and help in any way possible, he is just that type of guy! If asked I would definitely recommend Brett at First Source Financial.
— Gina and Scott Donaldson, Sylmar, CA